Cloudways vs. Liquid Web – Discover the Best Choice

Uspoređene opcije Posjetite Liquid Web Posjetite Cloudways
18 paketi za hosting 42 paketi za hosting
Početna cijena 15,00 $ / mjesec 10,00 $ / mjesec
Besplatna domena Da Ne
Bonovi 2 kupona 2 kupona
Ocjena korisnika
Pouzdanost 4.5
Cijene 4.5
Prilagođenost kupcima 4.5
Podrška 4.5
Značajke 4.5
Korisničke recenzije
197 recenzija 535 recenzija
Najnovija pozitivna recenzija
Liquid Web Support is Excellent
Gary Driskill,
I have been a Liquid Web customer for 15 years. I have two (2) servers with them and they have always provided excellent products and services at good prices. Also, there support is always friendly, knowledgeable and timely.
Great support from your team member Bushra
Matthew Montgomery,
Hello, Please make sure Bushra receives a good rating from me. She helped me on your chat work through several big issues but the chat was closed and I could not click to give her a positive rating. She was fantastic and help... Više detalja ed me resolve all of me problems Manje
Najnovija negativna recenzija
Cancelled for Complaining
Aaron Crow,
Long story short. I spun up a few VMs in an attempt to get sequential IP addresses. The next day I found they limited my account to only allow 1 IP address per VM and didn't tell me why. I tried contacting support, billing... Više detalja and then sales but nobody could tell me why I was on a "limited" account. They insisted that I provide my drivers license before they would speak to me. I don't give out my DL to anyone especially when I did nothing wrong.
I then complained on another website and they asked me to contact them directly. Then they went silent, so when I complained again they sent me a message stating I had violated their acceptable use policy and then terminated my account. Their policy is vague and can be used to terminate anyone for any reason.
I still have no idea what my original "infraction" was and was told by several employees in my phone calls I had done nothing wrong. It's my person opinion I am being punished because I complained publicly.
I was treated unfairly throughout this entire process and YES I will go somewhere else. But, not before I let everyone know how I was treated.
I have given support 1 star for their unwillingness to communicate and reliability 1 star because it took ME making phone calls and tracking down what was happening when they limited my account. They didn't other sending me the email to let me know there was an issue until AFTER I complained online.
They overcharged me
אביאור ביירון,
I asked to move to a cheaper plan and they kindly assisted to clone my site. I asked that they will delete the old me.
After several months I discovered that they ignored my request to delete the data from the old server and ... Više detalja that they overcharged me for several months!
I told them to return my money but they offered only a 50% refund!
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5 paketi od 15,00 $ do 219,00 $ 1 paket od 10,00 $ do 1.035,00 $
Ispod 4 USD


0,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: Neograničeno
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
  • Ploča: cpanel
Prikaži paket WP
Ispod 8 USD Ne Ne
Preko 10 USD

Spark WP

15,83 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 15 GB
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
  • Ploča: cpanel
  • Broj web-lokacija 1
Prikaži paket Spark WP

DigitalOcean Starter Plan

10,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 25 GB
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
  • Ploča: cpanel
Prikaži paket DigitalOcean Starter Plan
7 paketi od 15,00 $ do 219,00 $ 2 paketi od 10,00 $ do 1.035,00 $
Ispod 4 USD Ne

Start for free

0,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: Neograničeno
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
Prikaži paket Start for free
Ispod 8 USD Ne Ne
Preko 10 USD

Cloud VPS 2GB

15,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 40 GB
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
Prikaži paket Cloud VPS 2GB

DigitalOcean Starter Plan

10,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 25 GB
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
Prikaži paket DigitalOcean Starter Plan
Namjenski server
3 paketi od 15,00 $ do 219,00 $ 1 paket od 10,00 $ do 1.035,00 $
Ispod 4 USD Ne Ne
Ispod 8 USD Ne Ne
Preko 10 USD

Intel Xeon 1230 v6

99,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 250 GB
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
Prikaži paket Intel Xeon 1230 v6

DO Premium

12,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 25 GB
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
Prikaži paket DO Premium
Cloud hosting
3 paketi od 15,00 $ do 219,00 $ 38 paketi od 10,00 $ do 1.035,00 $
Ispod 4 USD Ne

Free trial

0,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: Neograničeno
  • Propusnost: Neograničeno
Prikaži paket Free trial
Ispod 8 USD Ne Ne
Preko 10 USD

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6

149,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 408 GB
  • Propusnost: 5 TB
Prikaži paket Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6

Vultr Starter Plan

11,00 $ / mjes.
  • Prostor: 25 GB
  • Propusnost: 1 TB
Prikaži paket Vultr Starter Plan
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Pobjednik: Liquid Web

Delight Johnson Hosting Expert

Cloudways vs. Liquid Web – both hosts are two of the best on the market today so it may be hard to choose. I compared the overall features of both hosting providers, and I personally think Liquid Web is better than Cloudways. However, depending on your needs, Cloudways may still be the better option for you. Read on so you can decide for yourself.


Overall Comparison Cloudways vs. Liquid Web

Cloudways Liquid Web
Features Managed WordPress Hosting With 5 Cloud Providers;


Managed WordPress; VPS; Dedicated; Cloud; Reseller; Enterprise Hosting


Pricing Starts at $7.20/month;

3-Day-Trial (no CC)


Starts at $13.30/month;

30-day money-back guarantee


Performance 99.9% uptime; 354 ms response time

Cache; SSD

Cloudflare CDN


100% uptime; 225 ms response time

SSD Storage

Cloudflare CDN


Support 24/7/365 support;

Phone; Live chat; Community Support; Blog; Knowledgebase;


24/7/365 support;

Phone; Live chat; Helpdesk; Blog; Knowledgebase; Webinars;


Ease of use Free Migration

Unlimited Apps

1-Click settings

Real-time Collaboration


cPanel Integration

1-Click CMS Installation

eCommerce Integration

Website Builders


Security Free SSL


Security Patching

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

Backups; Firewalls


Automatic SSL

Anti-virus Protection

Malware scans

DDoS protection




Server location North America;

South America;





Lansing, Ml

Phoenix, AZ

Amsterdam, NL


Winner: Liquid Web

Altogether, Liquid Web trumps Cloudways in its performance and multiple server options. However, Cloudways has a larger customer base and is the best choice if you want the freedom of the cloud at a low cost. Keep reading to decide what features you want for your unique business.


About Cloudways and Liquid Web

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web Cloudways is a hosting provider founded in 2011 and was acquired by DigitalOcean in 2022. It provides exclusive cloud hosting services and is backed by cloud servers like Google, Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode, and AWS. Cloudways has 80,000+ customers worldwide and hosts 570K+ websites for agencies, SMBs, and Individuals. Cloudways won the High-Performance accreditation from G2 in 2022.
liquidweb logo Liquid Web is a hosting company founded in 1997 and serves 45,000+ customers from 150 Countries. They have 250+ experienced team members to provide a humane touch to each of your business needs. They are accredited A+ rating from BBB and ranked #1 for dedicated servers by Hosting Advice.

Round 1: Hosting features – Key Hosting Features and Services

Hosting Feature Cloudways Liquid Web
Disk space and bandwidth Managed Cloud Hosting:


1-8 GB RAM; 25-320 GB Storage; 1-6 TB Bandwidth


1-48 GB RAM; 32-768 GB Storage; 1-8 TB Bandwidth


1-192 GB RAM; 25-3840 GB Storage; 1-20 TB Bandwidth

Google Cloud

1.70-120 GB RAM; 20 GB Storage; 2 GB Bandwidth


2-384 GB RAM; 20 GB Storage; 2 GB Bandwidth

Managed WordPress Hosting – 15-800 GB storage; 2-10 TB Bandwidth

Managed VPS Hosting

Linux: 2-16 GB RAM; 40-200 GB SSD Storage; 10 TB Bandwidth

Windows: 4-16 GB RAM; 100-200 GB SSD Storage; 10 TB Bandwidth

Cloud Dedicated Servers – 16-128 GB RAM;

3.8-7.6 TB NvMe SSD; 5 TB Bandwidth

Dedicated Server Hosting – 16-64 GB RAM; 2 x 240 GB – 2 x 480 GB Primary SSD; 1 x 1 TB – 1 x 2 TB SATA Backup Disk; 5-8 TB Bandwidth

high-performance SSD storage Yes Yes, Automatic Backups
Free daily backups and restore Yes Yes
Free WordPress installation Yes Yes
Free site migration Yes Yes
Free website builder No Yes, Beaver Builder
Free SSL Yes Yes, Automatic SSL

Key Cloudways Features

Cloudways offers only cloud hosting with 5 different providers. However, they have unlimited application installation options, including WordPress. You get free daily backups, SSL certificates, and site migration on all plans. Plus their servers are NvMe-based and with a dedicated environment. The host also provides 1-click installs for over 10+ applications.

With Cloudways hosting, you can clone fully configured servers, migrate, and add all your sites to one place at no additional costs. Furthermore, you can change your data center location, cloud provider, expand your storage, or even collaborate with other team members in real time. Although they don’t provide a website builder, Cloudways is an excellent option for everyone who wants the flexibility and scalability of a cloud server.

Key Liquid Web Features

Liquid Web provides different types of hosting including VPS, Cloud, Managed WordPress, and Dedicated.

They offer automatic SSL installation on every plan, free and convenient website migration, high-performance SSD/NvMe hybrid storage, free WordPress installation, and automatic daily backups – accessible in just one click.

They also provide the Beaver website builder with their managed WordPress hosting.

And the winner is… Liquid Web

I found Liquid Web a better option for all business sizes because they provide multiple hosting options and a website builder for WordPress users.


 Round 2:  Prices & Plans

Managed WordPress Hosting Cloudways Liquid Web
Entry Level plan DigitalOcean/Linode

1 GB RAM – $7.20/month


1 GB RAM – $7.80/month


2 GB RAM – $21.91/month

Google Cloud

1.70 GB RAM – $19.91/month



Middle plan DigitalOcean/Vultr

2 GB RAM – $15.60/month

4 GB RAM – $30/month


2 GB RAM – $14.40/month

4 GB RAM – $30/month


4 GB RAM – $52.06/month

8 GB RAM – $105.76/month

Google Cloud

3.75 GB – $44.10/month

7.5 GB – $83.11/month











Highest plan DigitalOcean

8 GB RAM – $57.60/month


8 GB RAM – $60/month


8 GB RAM – $54/month


16 GB RAM – $164.60/month

Google Cloud

15 GB RAM – $135.56/month



Managed VPS hosting Cloudways Liquid Web
Entry Level plan N/A LINUX

2 GB RAM – $25/month

2 GB Value Bundle – $40/month


4 GB RAM – $65/month

4 GB Value Bundle – $100/month

Middle plan  N/A LINUX

4 GB RAM – $35/month

4 GB Value Bundle – $50/month

8 GB RAM – $45/month

8 GB Value Bundle – $65/month


8 GB RAM – $85/month

8 GB Value Bundle – $120/month

Highest plan N/A LINUX

16 GB RAM – $105/month

16 GB Value Bundle – $145/month


16 GB RAM – $145/month

16 GB Value Bundle – $190/month

Dedicated hosting Cloudways Liquid Web
Entry Level plan N/A Intel Xeon 1230V6


Middle plan N/A Intel Xeon Gold 6226R SINGLE


Highest plan N/A Intel Xeon Gold 6226R DUAL


Cloud Dedicated hosting Cloudways Liquid Web
Entry Level plan N/A Standard

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6


High Performance

Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4


Middle plan N/A Standard

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6


High Performance

Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4


Highest plan N/A Standard

Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4


High Performance

Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4


Cloudways Pricing Plans

Cloudways exclusively provides Cloud hosting to their customers. Their plans are best suited to:

  • DigitalOcean/Vultr/Linode  –  Best for solopreneurs and new business websites
  • AWS  – High-end cloud solutions fully managed for you – the Cloudways AWS.
  • Google Cloud – If you want the roof of Google to leverage your business, Google Cloud is the best and fastest option.

Liquid Web Pricing Plans

Liquid Web is an equally excellent host, if you are looking for a variety of hosting services to upgrade as per need. Liquid Web’s plans are best suited to:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting – Multi tiers especially for solopreneurs, freelancers, individual contractors, designers, agencies, and enterprises.
  • Managed VPS Hosting – With both Linux and Windows servers and best suited for anyone searching for the alternatives of AWS, DigitalOcean, and Rackspace.
  • Dedicated hosting – Don’t want nosy neighbors? Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting plans are just for you.
  • Cloud Dedicated hosting – What if you run out of server space? Liquid Web’s cloud dedicated has your back.

And the Winner Is… Liquid Web

Due to its versatile hosting plans, Liquid Web again trumps Cloudways. Still, Cloudways has more affordable pricing options than Liquid Web.


Round 3: Website performance (Uptime & Speed)

32% of your customers will bounce if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load; so it’s important your host’s servers load quickly.

It’s also important to consider your host’s uptime. In Layman’s terms, uptime means the percentage of the time your host servers are online.

To test Cloudways and Liquid Web, I ran both hosts’ domains through GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights and these were the results:

Test Cloudways Liquid Web
GT Metrix 0.354 s 0.225 s
PageSpeed Insights 1.2 s 0.8 s

Cloudways Uptime & Speed

Cloudways had an overall score of 87% on GTMetrix and a TTFB of 354 ms which is quite decent.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Cloudways performed quite poorly on Google Page Speed Insights with a TTFB of 1.2s with a 64% overall performance.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Liquid Web Uptime & Speed

Liquid Web performed far better than Cloudways on GTMetrix with an overall 95% performance and an excellent 225 ms TTFB.Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

PageSpeed Insights shows a performance of 98% on Desktop with a TTFB of 0.8s, which is remarkable.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Special Note: The results shown are relative and can vary wildly depending on the server location and where the tests are performed. I performed the test from the USA on both tools.

And the Winner Is… Liquid Web

Again Liquid Web outperformed Cloudways and is the clear winner and the faster of the two hosts. On GTmetrix, the performance grades were similar, while on Google PageSpeed Insights, Liquid Web clearly wins.


Round 4: Customer Support – Who Has the Best Support System?

Type of Support Cloudways Liquid Web
24/7/365 support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes
Live chat Yes Yes
Email/Ticket Support Yes Yes
Helpdesk support No Yes
Forum Support Yes No
Video guides Yes Yes
Knowledgebase Yes Yes

Cloudways customer Support

Cloudways provides 24/7 support through multiple channels – phone, live chat, slack community, youtube video guides, knowledge base, and a blog section.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

The phone and live chat support are especially great if you need to solve urgent problems.

The host also offers advanced and premium support add-ons like a Slack community, dedicated account manager, and more.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

The knowledgebase is quite helpful and will help you figure out answers around topics like subscription, billing, account management, website and troubleshooting, etc. and is awesome if you are a DIY learner.

I couldn’t find the live chat option on the home page or the support menu.

However, there’s a Facebook group for support on Cloudways, which is quite great.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

For inquiries before purchase, you can reach out to them via their contact us page. Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

They have regular updates on their blog and YouTube, which you can use to gain more knowledge throughout your website building and management journey.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

You can also see how frequently their content gets updated on YouTube:

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Liquid Web Customer Support

As an alternative to Cloudways, Liquid Web also has a strong customer support system – especially, human support. As you can see, they have a live chat option right on their front page.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

You will also find a ticket support option on their contact page. When I clicked on the “create a ticket” option, it redirected me to the signup page.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Liquid Web has phone support 24/7, and I contacted the phone numbers for inquiries that were unavailable from my location. Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Like Cloudways, Liquid Web has an in-built search engine in its knowledge base and different categories to check your queries. I searched “DDoS Protection” on the search bar to see the system’s efficiency, and quickly got a list of helpful guides.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

In the content hub, I found numerous webinar videos from Cloudways experts. When you click “Watch now,” it will show you to fill in your information to watch the videos. Once you do that, however, they are free to watch. The same videos are available on their youtube channel.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Further, they have an active blog with hundreds of articles to provide knowledge on different product categories.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

I decided to try out the live chat. I clicked on the “chat with a human” button, and was redirected to sign up.

After signing up, a live agent joined and I was impressed with how quickly he responded. No long waiting time. You can see the conversation.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

And the Winner Is… Liquid Web

This was a tough call as both hosts are closely matched in their support features. However, I’d give Liquid Web this round thanks to how quickly you can get in touch with a live agent. Cloudways is still great as they have a more active Youtube channel and Facebook support.


Round 5: Ease of use – Which Platform Is Easier to Use?

Cloudways Liquid Web
Account management dashboard Easy Easy
Control panel Easy Easy
Setup process (Install OS) Easy Easy
Transfer an existing website Easy Easy
Easy creation of backups Easy Easy
Emails Unavailable Medium
Enable Cloudflare Easy Easy

Cloudways Ease of use

Cloudways has a clean website interface and as they provide only cloud hosting, everything is straight to the point.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Once you sign up as a customer, you get access to the host’s customized cPanel. It’s clean and easy to perform all your backend tweaks. Furthermore, they have a help page with guides on using the control dashboard.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Cloudways has great support but their contact information is a little hard to find plus they don’t offer email access.

Liquid Web Ease of use

Liquid Web provides versatile products and services and its UI groups it all nicely. The home page is minimal and clutter-free, with easy navigation to the different relevant pages.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Liquid Web has the old-school cPanel – and if you are big on tradition, you’d feel right at home.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Liquid Web’s Account Management Dashboard also has a clean look:

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Plus, if you don’t have a website yet, the Beaver website builder included will help you create one with its easy to use drag-and-drop themes.

And the Winner Is… Liquid Web

Cloudways is easy to use and navigate through. However, Liquid Web has a plus for its quick-to-find support features. Liquid Web also provides a website builder that’d help you create your website quickly from the ground up.


Round 6: Security – Which Platform is More Secure?

Cloudways Liquid Web
Free SSL certificate Yes Yes; Automatic
DDoS protection Yes Yes
Cloudflare Yes Yes
Daily backups Yes Yes
Malware scans Yes – Malcare Plugin Yes
SiteLock Security No No
WAF (Web Application Firewall) Yes Yes
Security Features Free SSL;


Security Patching;

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring;

Malware and DDoS protection – Malcare;



Cloudflare CDN

Free SSL;

Routine Malware Scans;

DDoS Protection;

Cloudflare CDN;

Daily backups;

Antivirus Addon;


Cloudways Security

The extensive security features of Cloudways include a free SSL, 2FA, security patching, 24/7 real-time monitoring, bot prevention with the Malcare plugin, daily backups, WAF, and more with their premium add-ons.

Further, your website will get a boost with their advanced Cloudflare CDN.

Liquid Web Security

Like Cloudways, Liquid Web also provides great security features on all its plans. Some of their no-cost security solutions include DDoS protection, free SSL encryption, Cloudflare CDN, and daily backups and restore.

If you want more, the paid add-ons include firewalls and VPNs, data protection, server protection, routine malware scans and removal, and an anti-virus.

And the Winner Is… Cloudways

Whether you are considering Cloudways or Liquid Web, you’d get great security out-of-the-box. However, Cloudways performs slightly better thanks to its advanced Cloudflare CDN. Liquid Web, still, gives you free DDoS protection for free.


Round 7: Server locations

You want to go for a host with a wide server footprint, especially if you are targeting a global audience. The closer your host’s servers are to the user, the faster your website will load.

Cloudways Server location

Cloudways has widely spread servers in England, Netherlands, India, Germany, USA, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, and more.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Liquid Web Server location

Liquid Web has its own data centers in three primary locations: Lansing, MI; Phoenix, AZ; and Amsterdam, NL.

Final: Cloudways vs Liquid Web

And the Winner Is… Cloudways

Cloudways has infrastructure managed by their IaaS providers around the world. In contrast, Liquid Web has its own data centers but is limited to the United States and Europe. Thus, Cloudways wins here.


Cloudways vs. Liquid Web: final recommendations

When to Choose Cloudways

Cloudways is a great cloud hosting provider that offers cloud servers at an affordable price. Thus, I’d suggest you take Cloudways if:

  • You want a managed cloud hosting plan
  • You don’t have the biggest hosting budget
  • You want to try Google Cloud or AWS but don’t want to manage it all alone
  • You want an easy-to-use interface and are new to hosting
  • You want community support
  • You want extensive security features
  • You target a worldwide audience


Go for Liquid Web if you:

Liquid Web is a robust competitor of Cloudways with multiple hosting plans and extensive add-ons. In a nutshell, you should choose Liquid Web if :

  • Your target audience is based in the United States or Europe
  • You want a super fast speed and high uptime
  • You want a money-back guarantee
  • You want real-time and quick human support
  • You want a host with security as a priority


The Bottom Line

In the 7-round matchup, Liquid Web trumps Cloudways as the better host.

They offer versatile products, quick support, high performance, impressive server speed, and a 30-days money-back guarantee on all plans.

However, Cloudways is still a great alternative to Liquid Web in terms of budget, security, ease of use, and has a wider server footprint.


1. Is Liquid Web better than Cloudways?

Yes. As per our overall results, Liquid Web trumps Cloudways. But if you want a cheap option along with global server locations, Cloudways is excellent too.

2. Who uses Cloudways?

Cloudways is best for small and medium-sized businesses with global customers who have a tight budget but want a fast, flexible, and scalable cloud hosting service with multiple cloud options.

3. What are some great Liquid Web alternatives and Cloudways alternatives?

Some top-notch Liquid Web and Cloudways alternatives are Kinsta,, WP Engine, SiteGound, GoDaddy, etc.