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2023 Pair Networks Recenzije stručnjaka i korisnika

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Dijeljeni hosting 5,95 $ - 29,95 $
VPS 79,95 $ - 229,95 $

Data Centers

Karen Ryder

Prikvačena recenzija

Karen Ryder,
I have a web design company which offers hosting as one of the services. I cannot tell you how many customers' websites and emails I have moved from other TERRIBLE hosts (one in particular is the wors...Pročitajte višet, let's just say it starts with G and ends in y). I started with maybe 20 hosted domains/websites with Pair and have expanded to well over 100. Each time I needed to move to a larger server (I currently have a dedicated server) their sales team had the right solution. The support team each time was super helpful and supportive with the various moves/increases in space and RAM.

Whenever I need support, they are easily reachable by phone or email and their support team is extremely knowledgeable; I am quite techy but they are even more so. Any issues (and there are few) are resolved quickly and any questions answered .

I have been hosting with Pair for over 10 years and they continually improve over time. For example, they added malware scanning as part of a hosting package in the last year or two. Their Account Control Panel is built in-house and is so much better than the usual cPanel setup which is bloated with never-needed options. All the server infrastructure and software is kept up-to-date (unlike other hosts) both versions and patches, so problems don't occur there. Their domain registration at Pair Domains is also well worth using; it's the only registrar - and I've had to deal with many for my clients - that actually makes phone calls if your domain needs renewal and they cannot contact you by email! That's been a lifesaver for a couple of my clients as they would have lost their domain(s) otherwise.

No complaints. My business continues to expand and I will continue to stay with Pair Networks.
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Pair Networks Cijene, pretplate i značajke - 2023

Pretplate na dijeljeni hosting

Naziv paketa Prostor Promet Panel Broj sajtova Cijena Rezultat
Package 1 15 GB 74.96 GB Neograničeno 5,95 $ 4.4 Detalji
Package 2 30 GB 150.02 GB Neograničeno 9,95 $ 4.4 Detalji
Package 3 60 GB 300.03 GB Neograničeno 17,95 $ 5.0 Detalji
Package 4 80 GB 399.97 GB Neograničeno 29,95 $ 4.4 Detalji

Pretplate na VPS hosting

Naziv paketa Prostor Procesor RAM OS Cijena Rezultat
VPS-1 60 GB 4 jezgre 4 GB 79,95 $ 4.4 Detalji
VPS-2 100 GB 4 jezgre 6 GB 129,95 $ 4.4 Detalji
VPS-3 200 GB 4 jezgre 8 GB 179,95 $ 4.4 Detalji
VPS-4 300 GB 4 jezgre 10 GB 229,95 $ 4.4 Detalji

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