5 Best Bluehost Alternatives 2024 to Grow Your Website

5 Best Bluehost Alternatives in 2024

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Many users are drawn to Bluehost because of its low initial sign-up costs and solid reputation. However, as your website grows and evolves, you may notice some limitations. Renewal fees can be surprisingly steep, and slower loading times or occasional downtime can become frustrating.

These issues can impact your site’s performance and, ultimately, your business. We’ve done the research for you and identified the top Bluehost alternatives that excel in various areas.

Short on Time? Check Out These Top 3 Bluehost Alternatives

ProviderUser RatingRecommended For 
4.6Budget-friendlinessVisit Hostinger
5.0Tech-savvy usersVisit HostArmada
4.8Support and transparencyVisit FastComet

Would you like to explore further?

5 Best Bluehost Alternatives

  1. Hostinger: Budget-conscious website owners
  2. HostArmada: Best for tech-savvy users
  3. FastComet: Best for support and transparency
  4. IONOS: Best for scalable, enterprise-grade hosting
  5. InterServer: Best for flexibility

What Are Some Main Drawbacks of Bluehost?

Bluehost might seem like a solid option at first glance, but you should be aware of several potential drawbacks that could impact your website’s performance and overall experience.

  • High Renewal Prices: Bluehost’s attractive introductory rates will likely draw you in, but be prepared for a shock when it’s time to renew. Your hosting costs could double or even triple after the initial term, potentially straining your budget if you’re running a small business or personal website.
  • Performance Inconsistencies: While your site might run smoothly most of the time, you could experience frustrating slowdowns and occasional downtime with Bluehost. These performance hiccups could cost you visitors and sales if you’re running an e-commerce site or a high-traffic blog.
  • Limited Server Locations: Bluehost’s primarily U.S.-based data centers might let you down if you’re aiming for a global audience. Your visitors from other parts of the world could experience slower loading times, potentially hurting your search engine rankings in international markets.
  • Basic Backup Solutions: If running a large or complex website, you might find Bluehost’s backup options lacking. The automatic backup feature is limited, and while you can perform manual backups, you might find the process more cumbersome than the user-friendly solutions offered by some competitors.

For a detailed overview of Bluehost’s advantages and disadvantages, please visit our full Bluehost review, which includes expert analysis and user ratings.

How To Find the Right Bluehost Alternative for You?

  • What’s Your Budget? Bluehost’s initial sign-up costs might be low, but renewal fees can increase. Look for alternatives offering competitive pricing and transparent renewal rates to avoid surprises down the road.
  • What Features Do You Need? Think about what’s essential for your website. Do you need unlimited storage, free SSL certificates, or automated backups? Make a list of must-have features and compare them across different providers to ensure you get what you need.
  • What Type of Website Are You Running? You’ll need strong security and scalability if you’re running an e-commerce site. For a personal blog, simpler and cheaper options might suffice. Match the hosting provider’s strengths with the requirements of your website to get the best performance and reliability.
  • How Much Technical Expertise Do You Have? If you’re not tech-savvy, you might prefer a hosting provider with a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. Some providers offer managed hosting services, handling the technical aspects for you making it easier to focus on your content.
  • What Kind of Customer Support Do You Prefer? Do you prefer 24/7 live chat, phone support, or email support? Check the available support channels and read reviews about the provider’s support quality.
  • Do You Need Specific Server Locations? The server location can impact your site’s loading speed if your audience is spread across different regions. Some providers have data centers worldwide, allowing you to choose the one closest to your target audience.

Making an informed choice will ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently, providing the best experience for your visitors.

5 Best Alternatives to Bluehost

1. Hostinger

Best for: Budget-conscious website owners

Hostinger - a screenshot

2,99 $ /mo
Početna cijena
Posjetite Hostinger
Rating based on expert review
  • Prilagođenost kupcima
  • Podrška
  • Značajke
  • Pouzdanost
  • Cijene

Why Choose Hostinger over Bluehost?

  • Unbeatable Pricing: Hostinger’s plans start at a fraction of Bluehost’s cost and maintain competitive pricing even after renewal. You’ll get more bang for your buck, with features like free SSL certificates and weekly backups included even in the most basic plans.
  • Superior Performance: Hostinger uses cutting-edge LiteSpeed web servers and a custom-built caching solution, resulting in faster loading times than Bluehost. Your visitors won’t be left waiting, and due to improved site speed, you’ll likely see better search engine rankings.
  • User-Friendly Custom Control Panel: While Bluehost uses cPanel, Hostinger offers a proprietary control panel called hPanel. It’s intuitive, sleek, and designed with beginners in mind, making it easier to manage your hosting even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • Global Server Network: Unlike Bluehost’s primarily US-based servers, Hostinger boasts data centers across multiple continents. This means your site will load quickly for visitors worldwide, giving you a competitive edge in the global market.
  • Automatic Updates: Hostinger handles core updates for popular CMSs like WordPress, reducing your maintenance workload and keeping your site secure. With Bluehost, you’re often left to handle these updates yourself.

What Sets It Apart? 

Hostinger is committed to providing enterprise-level hosting features at budget-friendly prices. They’ve developed technologies to boost performance and user experience, making high-quality hosting accessible to everyone, from bloggers to small businesses.

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Hostinger Pros & Cons 

  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Excellent performance with LiteSpeed servers
  • User-friendly custom control panel
  • Free domain with most plans
  • Weekly automatic backups
  • AI-powered website builder
  • No phone support
  • Domain privacy costs extra
  • The entry-level plan limits you to one website
  • No free site migration on the cheapest plan

For a more comprehensive analysis of Hostinger’s offerings, including user reviews and expert opinions, check out our full Hostinger review.


  • LiteSpeed Web Servers: Hostinger uses LiteSpeed technology to handle more concurrent connections and deliver content faster than traditional Apache servers. This means your site will load quickly, even during traffic spikes.
  • hPanel Control Panel: Hostinger’s custom-built control panel is designed for ease of use. It’s less cluttered than cPanel and offers a more intuitive interface, making managing your hosting easier, even if you’re a beginner.
  • Automatic WordPress Updates: Hostinger takes care of WordPress core updates automatically, saving you time and ensuring your site stays secure and up-to-date without manual intervention.
  • Git Integration: For developers, Hostinger offers Git version control integration, allowing you to manage your code repositories directly from your hosting account.
  • 1-Click Installer: Hostinger’s auto-installer lets you set up popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop with just one click, saving you time and effort in getting your site up and running.

Hostinger: Best for Affordability

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Still undecided? Visit our detailed Bluehost vs. Hostinger Comparison for a side-by-side analysis of these two popular hosting providers.

2. HostArmada

Best for: Tech-savvy users

HostArmada Hosting - a screenshot

2,49 $ /mo
Početna cijena
Posjetite HostArmada
Rating based on expert review
  • Prilagođenost kupcima
  • Podrška
  • Značajke
  • Pouzdanost
  • Cijene

Why Choose HostArmada over Bluehost?

  • Superior Technology Stack: HostArmada uses SSD NVMe storage, which is significantly faster than Bluehost’s traditional HDDs. Your website will load lightning-fast, improving user experience and SEO rankings.
  • Extensive Security Measures: While Bluehost offers basic security, HostArmada goes above and beyond with features like AI-based intrusion prevention, real-time malware scanning, and free daily backups. You’ll sleep easier knowing your site is well-protected.
  • Generous Resource Allocation: Even HostArmada’s entry-level plans offer more storage and bandwidth than Bluehost’s comparable plans. As your site grows, you’re less likely to hit resource limits.
  • Advanced Caching: HostArmada implements server-level caching technologies like Redis and Memcached, which can significantly boost your site’s performance compared to Bluehost’s more basic caching options.

What Sets It Apart? 

HostArmada distinguishes itself by providing enterprise-level hosting features to businesses of all sizes.

It offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, strong security, and scalable solutions, making it an excellent choice for growing businesses and tech-savvy users.

Money-Back Guarantee: 45 Days

HostArmada Pros & Cons 

  • High-performance NVMe SSD storage
  • Advanced security features included
  • Generous resource allocation
  • Free site migration on all plans
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support via live chat, ticket, and phone
  • Slightly higher prices
  • Limited data center locations
  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • No monthly billing option for shared hosting
  • Limited email accounts on entry-level plans

Our comprehensive HostArmada review offers a more in-depth look at the company’s offerings and performance.


  • NVMe SSD Storage: This cutting-edge storage technology offers up to 20 times faster performance than traditional SSDs, ensuring your website loads at lightning speed.
  • AI-powered Security: HostArmada uses artificial intelligence to detect and prevent intrusions in real time, offering security beyond traditional firewalls.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server: This high-performance web server can handle more concurrent connections than Apache, ensuring your site stays responsive even during traffic spikes.
  • CloudFlare CDN Integration: HostArmada offers easy integration with CloudFlare’s Content Delivery Network, improving your site’s global reach and load times.
  • Staging Environment: You can test changes to your website in a safe, duplicate environment before pushing them live, reducing the risk of errors on your production site.
  • Resource Monitoring Tools: HostArmada provides detailed analytics on your resource usage, helping you optimize your site’s performance and plan for growth.

HostArmada: Best for Tech-Savvy Users

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Want to see how HostArmada stacks up against Bluehost in detail? Check out our comprehensive HostArmada vs. Bluehost comparison.

3. FastComet

Best for: Support and Transparency

FastComet - a screenshot

1,79 $ /mo
Početna cijena
Posjetite FastComet
Rating based on expert review
  • Prilagođenost kupcima
  • Podrška
  • Značajke
  • Pouzdanost
  • Cijene

Why Choose FastComet over Bluehost?

  • Transparent Pricing: Unlike Bluehost’s steep renewal rates, FastComet offers clear, consistent pricing. You see what you’ll pay, even after your initial term, making it easier to budget for the long term.
  • Superior Customer Support: While Bluehost offers standard support, FastComet goes the extra mile with 24/7 support via live chat, ticket, and phone, with an average response time of under 10 minutes. You’ll never feel left in the lurch.
  • Free Daily Backups: FastComet offers free daily backups on all plans, whereas Bluehost charges extra for this service. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your data is always protected.
  • Advanced Security Features: FastComet includes features like Web Application Firewall, malware scanning, and SSL certificates at no extra cost, offering more comprehensive security than Bluehost’s basic offerings.

What Sets It Apart? 

FastComet stands out for its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. It offers a rare combination of affordable pricing, high-performance hosting, and exceptional customer support, making it an excellent choice for businesses that value reliability and clear communication.

Money-Back Guarantee: 45 Days

FastComet Pros & Cons 

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Excellent customer support with fast response times
  • Free daily backups and free site migration
  • Multiple global data centers
  • Advanced security features included
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Slightly higher entry-level pricing
  • Limited storage on basic plans
  • No free domain registration
  • Email accounts are limited on lower-tier plans
  • Some advanced features only on higher plans

For a more comprehensive overview of FastComet’s services and performance, don’t miss our detailed FastComet review.


  • RocketBooster: FastComet’s proprietary server optimization technology combines Nginx, Apache, and Varnish Cache for maximum performance.
  • Free CDN: All plans include integration with CloudFlare’s Content Delivery Network, improving your site’s speed and reliability globally.
  • SSD-Only Infrastructure: FastComet uses SSD storage across all plans, ensuring faster data access and improved overall performance compared to traditional HDD storage.
  • One-Click Installer: With just a single click, you can easily install over 450 applications, including popular CMS platforms like WordPress.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL: All FastComet plans include a free SSL certificate, which enhances your site’s security and search engine rankings.
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring: FastComet’s team constantly monitors server performance, proactively addressing issues often before you even notice them.

FastComet: Best for Customer Support

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Still comparing options? Check out our in-depth FastComet vs. Bluehost comparison for a detailed analysis of how these providers stack up.


Best for: Scalable, enterprise-grade hosting solutions

IONOS Web Hosting - a screenshot

1,00 $ /mo
Početna cijena
Posjetite IONOS
Rating based on expert review
  • Prilagođenost kupcima
  • Podrška
  • Značajke
  • Pouzdanost
  • Cijene

Why Choose IONOS over Bluehost?

  • Scalable Infrastructure: IONOS offers more hosting options than Bluehost, from basic shared hosting to dedicated enterprise solutions. You can easily scale your hosting as your business grows without switching providers.
  • Better Performance: IONOS uses high-performance SSD storage and advanced caching technologies across all plans, potentially offering faster load times than Bluehost’s standard configurations.
  • Comprehensive Business Tools: IONOS goes beyond basic hosting, offering a suite of business tools, including professional email, online marketing services, and website builders. This integrated approach can simplify your digital presence management.
  • European Data Centers: If data sovereignty is a concern, IONOS offers data centers in Europe and the US, giving you more control over where your data is stored than Bluehost’s US-centric approach.
  • Personalized Support: IONOS assigns a personal consultant to each account, providing you with consistent, knowledgeable support. This can be more helpful than Bluehost’s general support system, especially for complex issues.

What Sets It Apart? 

IONOS distinguishes itself by providing comprehensive digital solutions for businesses of all sizes. From domain registration to advanced cloud hosting, IONOS offers a one-stop shop for your online needs, backed by advanced infrastructure and personalized support.

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

IONOS Pros & Cons 

  • Wide range of scalable hosting solutions
  • Competitive pricing, especially for the 1st year
  • A comprehensive suite of business tools
  • Personal consultant assigned to each account
  • Strong focus on security and compliance
  • Data centers in both Europe and North America
  • AI Website builder
  • Significant price increase on renewal
  • Website builder has a steeper learning curve
  • Limited customization options on lower-tier plans
  • Phone support can have long wait times during peak hours

Read our detailed IONOS review for a more comprehensive analysis of its offerings and performance.


  • MyWebsite Website Builder: IONOS’s proprietary website builder offers hundreds of templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making creating a professional-looking site without coding skills easy.
  • Rankie SEO Tool: This built-in SEO tool helps you optimize your website for search engines, providing actionable insights to improve your rankings.
  • GeoRedundancy: IONOS replicates your data across multiple data centers, ensuring high availability and protecting against data loss.
  • 1&1 CDN: IONOS’s Content Delivery Network improves your website’s global performance by caching content on servers worldwide.
  • Advanced DDoS Protection: IONOS provides enterprise-grade DDoS protection on all plans, safeguarding your site from potential attacks.
  • Docker Support: IONOS offers Docker support on its VPS and dedicated servers plans for developers, allowing for easier application deployment and management.

IONOS: Best for Scalability

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Want to see how IONOS compares to Bluehost in detail? Check out our comprehensive IONOS vs. Bluehost comparison for more insights.

5. InterServer

Best for: Flexibility

InterServer homepage screenshot

2,50 $ /mo
Početna cijena
Posjetite InterServer
Rating based on expert review
  • Prilagođenost kupcima
  • Podrška
  • Značajke
  • Pouzdanost
  • Cijene

Why Choose InterServer over Bluehost?

If you’re looking for a hosting provider that offers flexibility, transparent pricing, and advanced features without breaking the bank, Interserver could be your go-to choice.

  • Price Lock Guarantee: Unlike Bluehost’s steep renewal rates, InterServer offers a price lock guarantee. The price you sign up for is the price you’ll continue to pay, making long-term budgeting easier.
  • Unlimited Resources: InterServer’s shared hosting plans offer truly unlimited storage, bandwidth, and websites, whereas Bluehost imposes limits even on their higher-tier plans.
  • Inter-Insurance: This unique feature allows you to restore your website from InterServer’s server-wide snapshot if something goes wrong, offering an extra layer of protection beyond standard backups.
  • Flexible Upgrade Path: InterServer makes upgrading from shared hosting to VPS or dedicated servers easy as your needs grow, often with just a few clicks. This flexibility isn’t as seamless with Bluehost.
  • In-House Support Team: All support staff are in-house employees, not outsourced, ensuring you get knowledgeable assistance from people familiar with InterServer’s systems.

What Sets It Apart? 

InterServer stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality hosting at affordable prices without common industry gimmicks. They focus on delivering advanced, no-frills hosting solutions that cater particularly well to more technically inclined users who appreciate flexibility and control.

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

InterServer Pros & Cons 

  • Price lock guarantee
  • Truly unlimited resources on shared hosting plans
  • Weekly automated backups included
  • Free website migration service
  • 24/7 in-house customer support
  • Extensive selection of 1-click install scripts
  • The control panel can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Limited data center locations (only in the US)
  • No free domain name is included
  • Email accounts need to be set up manually
  • Some advanced features require technical know-how

For a more in-depth look at InterServer’s offerings and performance, don’t miss our comprehensive InterServer review.


  • InterShield Security: This multi-layered security system keeps your site secure by using a web application firewall, an in-house-developed malware database, and machine learning algorithms.
  • SSD Caching Servers: InterServer uses SSD caching to boost the performance of their RAID-10 storage arrays, resulting in faster data access and improved site speed.
  • Free Migration Service: InterServer’s team will move your website from your host, making the switch hassle-free.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server: This high-performance web server can handle more concurrent connections than traditional Apache servers, ensuring your site stays responsive under high traffic.
  • GlobalSign SSL Certificates: InterServer provides free SSL certificates from GlobalSign, a respected certificate authority, enhancing your site’s security and credibility.
  • Webuzo Control Panel: This user-friendly control panel offers an intuitive interface for managing your hosting account and comes with over 400 applications you can install with a single click.

InterServer: Best for Flexibility

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Still weighing your options? Our detailed InterServer vs. Bluehost comparison can help you decide between these providers.

Top Bluehost Competitors Compared












Starting Price
Bluehost2.8Shared, VPS, Dedicated Servers, ResellerYes, free for 1st yearWebsite Builder, Email, Free SSL, Free CDN30 Days$2.95
Hostinger4.6Shared, VPS, WordPress, Cloud, MinecraftYes, free for 1st yearWebsite Builder, SSL, Cloudflare CDN30 Days$2.99
HostArmada5.0Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated ServersFree with annual plansFree SSL, Website Builder, Daily Backups, WAF, Proactive Monitoring45 Days$2.49
FastComet4.8Shared, Cloud VPS, Dedicated ServersNot includedFree SSL, Daily, and Weekly Backups, Softaculous Installer45 Days$1.79
IONOS4.0Shared, VPS, WordPress, CloudYes, free for 1st yearWebsite Builder, Email, Marketing Suite30 Days$1.00
InterServer4.4Shared, VPS, WordPress, DedicatedYes, free for 1st yearWebsite Builder, Email, Cloudflare CDN30 Days$2.50

When To Look for Bluehost Alternatives?

Your Site is Crawling: Time for Improved Loading Times

Slow loading times are frustrating for your visitors and also a killer for your SEO rankings. Google has clarified that site speed is a ranking factor, so if you’re noticing your Bluehost-hosted site lagging, it could be hurting your online presence.

To check if speed’s an issue, use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to test your site’s performance. If you’re consistently seeing poor scores, especially compared to your competitors, it’s a sign you might need a host with faster servers.

More Integrations with Third-Party Tools

If you’re finding it difficult to integrate third-party tools with Bluehost, switching to a host that offers better compatibility might be time. Look for hosting providers that specifically mention compatibility with the tools you use most.

Exploring Lower Costs

Start by breaking down what you’re paying for. Are you using all the features for which you’re being charged? If not, you might find a cheaper plan that meets your needs elsewhere. Look for hosts that offer transparent pricing without steep renewal hikes.

Just remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Balance cost with the features and performance you need.

The Need for Faster, More Powerful Hosting

As your site grows, so do its needs. If your Bluehost plan can’t meet your traffic or resource requirements, it’s time to level up. This is especially crucial if you run resource-intensive applications, handle sensitive data, or are experiencing regular traffic spikes.

Look for signs like frequent downtime, slow admin panel responses, or hitting resource limits. These are indicators that you’ve outgrown your current hosting environment.

Need for a Specific Feature

Sometimes, your website might require specific features that Bluehost doesn’t offer. Whether it’s advanced e-commerce capabilities, staging environments for development, or enhanced security features, having the right tools is essential.

If Bluehost lacks these features, look for a host that specializes in your needs. List the required features and compare different providers to find the one that best suits your needs.

Final Word

Choosing the right web hosting provider is crucial for your online success. While Bluehost has merits, exploring alternatives can lead you to a host that better meets your unique needs, budget, and growth plans.

Take the time to evaluate your options and select a hosting partner that will truly empower your online presence.

If none of the Bluehost alternatives we’ve discussed quite meet your needs, check out our comprehensive guide to the best web hosting providers, where you’ll find a wider range of options to suit every need and budget.

Web Hosting
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Često postavljana pitanja

Is Hostinger cheaper than Bluehost?

Yes, Hostinger is generally cheaper than Bluehost, especially for long-term plans. Hostinger offers competitive pricing without compromising essential features, making it a cost-effective alternative for budget-conscious users.

Which Bluehost alternative offers the best performance?

HostArmada and FastComet are known for their excellent performance. They offer NVMe SSD storage and advanced caching technologies. However, the best performer may vary depending on your specific needs and website type.

How do I migrate my website from Bluehost to another host?

Most alternative hosts offer free migration services. For example, Hostinger and InterServer provide free website transfers. Always check with your new host about their migration process and any assistance they offer to ensure a smooth transition.

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