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2022 Site5 Recenzije stručnjaka i korisnika

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Dijeljeni hosting 4,95 $ - 11,95 $
VPS 55,00 $ - 325,00 $

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Dan Kir
Dan Kir iz Sjedinjene Države,

Horrible Customer Service & Major Downtime

I have had my hosting with Site5 for more than 15 years but will be moving on. It has gotten to the point where I have hours of downtime daily. I open tickets and they go weeks with no response. I can reach someone in chat who imm...Pročitajte višeediately will apologize saying that they don't have enough people to handle tickets, but the chat person is never able to resolve any problem instead saying that it has to be escalated to the server folks (whoever those mystery people are). Nobody gets back to me. I have for years and years recommended them, but this bad service trend has been getting worse and worse for a year no and so recommend that you DO NOT host with Site5.Manje
Louis van Empel

Used to be good, not anymore

Have been a customer for 5 years, hosted about 150 websites using their service. It used to be an excellent company, I could not imagine using another hosting company. Now it is a complete and utter nightmare, it's like it has bec...Pročitajte višeome a completely different company (which is actually the case since it was acquired by EIG) and will cancel and leave them a.s.a.p.
Lots of downtime, the new backend is a disaster and their customer service used to be excellent now it is the worst i've ever seen. I give them 0 stars, would give negative stars if I could. STAY AWAY!!!
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone iz Nizozemska,

Please look for another host, Site 5 has become terrible.

It used to be a great host. I have been with them for years and really liked the friendly and fast replies. I don't know what happened, but everything is terrible now, especially support. It takes them over two weeks to reply. Als...Pročitajte višeo their replies are copy/paste replies and didn't help me at all. I faced lots of downtime and they are ignoring this. No compensation, not even a sorry.

It also worries me that they couldn't find anything about the downtime as they do not have those "old" logs anymore. I thought I'd give them a chance as I never had any problems before, but since August I do not see any progress. I still have to wait weeks before getting a reply. If you don't believe me, try accessing the chat (set it to 'customer'). It will take over 30 minutes to talk to someone (if you are lucky).

Site5 Cijene, pretplate i značajke - 2022

Pretplate na dijeljeni hosting

Naziv paketa Prostor Promet Panel Broj sajtova Cijena Rezultat
hostBasic Neograničeno Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 4,95 $ 2.7 Detalji
hostPro Neograničeno Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 8,95 $ 2.6 Detalji
hostPro + Turbo Neograničeno Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 11,95 $ 3.2 Detalji

Pretplate na VPS hosting

Naziv paketa Prostor Procesor RAM OS Cijena Rezultat
VPS2 50 GB 2 jezgre 1 GB 55,00 $ 2.0 Detalji
VPS3 75 GB 2 jezgre 1.5 GB 80,00 $ 2.0 Detalji
VPS4 100 GB 4 jezgre 2 GB 105,00 $ 2.0 Detalji
VPS5 155 GB 4 jezgre 3 GB 150,00 $ 3.1 Detalji
VPS6 200 GB 4 jezgre 4 GB 170,00 $ 2.8 Detalji
VPS7 300 GB 4 jezgre 6 GB 250,00 $ 3.1 Detalji
VPS8 400 GB 8 jezgri 8 GB 325,00 $ 3.1 Detalji

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