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2022 DevonWebs Design & Hosting Recenzije stručnjaka i korisnika

Raspon cijena

Dijeljeni hosting 5,23 $ - 24,62 $
VPS 12,31 $ - 24,62 $
Distributeri 6,14 $ - 20,92 $

Data Centers

Karen Stevens

Prikvačena recenzija

Karen Stevens,
After years of having to suffer diabolical hosting companies including some of the big ones, I finally found DevonWebbs and I only wish I had found them sooner.
You will not get any better than these...Pročitajte više guys, Sam who I spoke with when I signed up for web hosting with them yesterday was fantastic, his support was phenomenal, he is a real and true professional, a total genius, he has got my websites over to his hosting servers all in the space of an hour or so, it took days and even more than weeks with previous ones.
I could not have asked for better help and support, Sam did so much to help me with not only moving my sites over, but signing up, problems with my websites, and he even transferred all of my website files across from my previous ISP to his servers, I had to do all of that myself in the past with the other web hosting companies, and with no help or support to do any of this from the others either.
If I could rate Sam and DevonWebbs a zillions stars - let alone 5, then I would, as Sam and DevonWebbs deserve the highest rating possible.
I am so glad I have migrated to them they are a breath of fresh air, so kind, friendly, helpful, courteous, patient and they really care too, I feel that at long last my websites are in safe capable and professional hands and the peace of mind is enormous.These guys and Sam are geniuses and so knowledgeable, they are the very best there is and I can recommend them very very highly to you, I know for a fact that you will not find better anywhere.
Please sign up with DevonWebbs, I promise you, that like me you will be so glad you did.
A huge huge thank you to Sam and DevonWebbs, you are second to none, and cannot be beaten, your help and support is very gratefully appreciated. I can rest now, knowing that my domains are in with the best web host on the planet.
What is even better is that they cost a fraction of what I was paying with ALL other web hosting companies too. I couldn't ask for more and neither could you!
Absolutely fantastic and unrivalled service. These guys should be top of the list of web hosting companies and awarded the highest possible awards for their superior service. I would deem them to be "The Rolls Royce of all web hosting companies".
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Sam and DevonWebbs!


Za tvrtku DevonWebs Design & Hosting nema recenzija, ako ste imali iskustva s njihovim uslugama molimo budite prvi koji će ih recenzirati!

DevonWebs Design & Hosting Cijene, pretplate i značajke - 2022

Pretplate na dijeljeni hosting

Naziv paketa Prostor Promet Panel Broj sajtova Cijena Rezultat
Wordpress - WP5 5 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 5,23 $ 10 Detalji
Wordpress - WP10 10 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 5,54 $ 10 Detalji
Shared - Business Startup 10 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 5,54 $ 10 Detalji
Shared - Business Pro 100 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 24,62 $ 10 Detalji

Pretplate na VPS hosting

Naziv paketa Prostor Procesor RAM OS Cijena Rezultat
Single Core 50 GB 1 jezgra 1 GB 12,31 $ 10 Detalji
Dual Core 100 GB 2 jezgre 2 GB 19,70 $ 10 Detalji
Quad Core 150 GB 4 jezgre 4 GB 24,62 $ 10 Detalji

Preprodavački planovi

Naziv paketa Prostor Promet Panel Cijena Rezultat
Lite Neograničeno Neograničeno Plesk 6,14 $ 10 Detalji
Starter Neograničeno Neograničeno 9,84 $ 10 Detalji
Pro Neograničeno Neograničeno cPanel 20,92 $ 10 Detalji

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    Stručna recenzija
    Starting Price
    4,00 $ / mo
    21 Hosting paket
    8 Data Centers
    Purpose-Built, High-End VPS Data Centers Across 4 Continents
    Fastest Cloud VPS With Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
    Scalability And Ease Of Use
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  • 10
    Povrat novca 45 dana
    Besplatna domena
    Starting Price
    2,98 $ / mo
    12 Hosting paket
    11 Data Centers
    24/7 Award-Winning Support
    Worry-Free - 45 Days Money Back
    Simple Website Builder With Drag And Drop, Responsive Design, And Over 350 Templates
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